Effective ORM Techniques That Will Help Increase Your Business Revenue

Effective ORM Techniques That Will Help Increase Your Business Revenue

It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it!

In today’s landscape, perception is considered reality. Where a great reputation can make your company invincible, a bad one can be the kiss of death for your business or brand. Well, that’s why online reputation management is such a crucial aspect of managing online businesses. With billions of brand names being searched daily on Google, finding yours on the first page of search engine results is a tough task to pull off. Marketing your business online can be challenging at first, but once the market responds, this is the best platform for creating awareness and engagement among the users. As online search inquiries and review sites like Yelp, trip Advisor, and Google Business continues to dictate a business’ bottom line, it becomes crucial for business owners to come up with strategies that can protect and further improve their business reputation online.

Over the years, we’ve seen many different reputation management techniques come and go. If truth be told, the tools and techniques used by prodigies a decade ago are somehow irrelevant today, and the landscape has changed drastically. In short, managing brand reputation is a time-consuming process that takes effort and sacrifice. So, if you’re thinking of mending your business reputation, you need to invest both your time and energy to the process.

Below are some effective online reputation management techniques that can help strengthen the reputation of your business and increase its revenue.

1. Automate Your Monitoring

The first and foremost step that you need to take is to ensure that your reputation monitoring is fully automated. To get this done, all you need to do is – to set up Google or Bing alerts for your brand name, the names of your chief executives, and for your business’ products. Doing this will help you receive updates in your email inbox whenever these terms are quoted on the internet, thus, enabling you to keep an up-to-date and accurate assessment of your business online portrayal.

Although Google and Bing alerts are effective, but they are not inevitably perfect or comprehensive. That’s why it is important not to remain dependent on these alerts and choose from an array of reputation monitoring tools available online that will help you monitor your company’s online reputation in a better way. A few tools that you should consider using are WhosTalkin, Social Mention, Technorati, etc.

2. Make User Reviews Work For You

Another key approach to strengthening your business reputation is to be proactive in asking your loyal patrons to leave reviews on your online review profiles, including Yelp, Foursquare, Glassdoor, Angie’s List, etc. Making online customer reviews work in your favor is always a tough task to accomplish. You would not want all your reviews to be blooming as others may consider them fake. In actual fact, it is impossible to satisfy every customer you encounter. The key lies in how you respond to the negative reviews as it may affect your business in many ways.   

Well, as far as negative reviews are concerned, you can’t really stop them from cropping up, however, you can quash them and minimize their impact by getting more positive reviews from your customers. No matter how hard you try to keep your patrons happy, bad reviews are always a possibility. Before you reply to any of the negative reviews, always remember that everyone is watching. You can’t lose your cool. Instead, addressing all of your reviews in a positive manner can result in a satisfied customer.

3. Overwhelm SERPs With Positive Content

This is another effective reputation management technique that counters the negative content that damages your reputation in the top search engine result pages (SERPs) of popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Negative or irrelevant content can have a devastating effect on a brand’s image when they appear on the first page on the search engine result pages. Fortunately, effective Search Engine Optimization and Content Promotion techniques can cover those negative results.

The best way to get this done is by creating a lot of positive content and releasing it online in strategic ways to overwhelm the existing negative content. By applying this strategy consistently – week after week, you’ll be able to push the positive content on the top of the SERPs, thus, effectively burying the negative content.

If you find yourself struggling to handle your business reputation on your own, you should simply give us a call at 1800-559-5582. We provide affordable online reputation management services that will guarantee you a good online visibility and help increase your business revenue.

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