Amazingly Good Reasons Why PPC is Vital for Your Business Growth

Amazingly Good Reasons Why PPC is Vital for Your Business Growth

As competition continues to grow, advertisers are vying for every inch of available online space, in every possible way. There’s no denying the fact that there are countless ways through which you (as a business owner) can optimize your website, bring in more visitors, and thus, yield better conversions for your business.

Of all the online marketing techniques adopted by the marketers, Pay-Per-Click advertising holds a special place. In today’s digital era, PPC has proven its worth of being one of the most powerful and effective ways of ‘Targeted Online Advertising’ and ‘Lead Generation’. To put it another way, PPC has rapidly evolved itself as one of the leading digital advertising channels that play a pivotal part in the success of online businesses.

With all the hype and buzz going on about it, one might wonder what makes PPC that special!

To that end, here are a few statistics that make PPC hard to ignore:

  • About 96.4% of Google’s total revenue comes from digital and display paid advertisements.
  • Business owners make on average $3 in revenue for every $1 they spend on AdWords.
  • Search ads increase brand awareness by 80%.
  • The average Click-Through-Rate for an ad at the first position is 7.94%.
  • 65% of B2B companies have acquired a customer through LinkedIn paid ads.
  • Display advertising has proven to increase traffic on websites by 300%.
  • Mobile Pay-Per-Click advertising is the fastest growing segment of digital advertising.

Having discussed why PPC should never be ignored, here are a few good reasons why it should be a part of your Inbound Marketing strategy:

#1. It is budget friendly 

The biggest misconception about Pay-Per-Click advertising is its cost. Many believe that investing in PPC is more like pouring money down the drain. Well, it is true that paid advertising does cost a great deal of money as compared to other online marketing techniques. Having said that, if you’re not careful on how you spend your bucks, you’ll definitely end up draining your budget on buying hope rather than real results. In actual fact, paid advertising allows you to keep a measure of everything, from impressions to clicks and visits that you receive on your website, helping you to easily analyze your spending and calculate the profits & results.

That is to say, Pay-Per-Click advertising comes with no budget restrictions, therefore, allowing you to choose the amount that best suits your pocket.

#2. It’s best to reach out for the right audience

Investing in Pay-Per-Click advertising gives you the benefit to define your target audience on the basis on several demographic characteristics, including Age, Gender, Location, Website, Date and Time, Device, etc. This helps you in segmenting the market and primarily targeting your preferred audience while saving you both time and money. To put it another way, PPC is a cost-effective advertising solution that enables you to control your budget and allocate it on keywords or target audience that you find profitable.

#3. It helps you to get credible brand recognition

Pay-Per-Click advertising is a good fit for almost any type of business. That is to say, you can use it to promote or sell your products and services online by targeting the most popular keywords related to your industry, which in turn helps you to get credible recognition for your brand. Having a good brand visibility is essential when it comes to bringing in new leads, sales, and customers. Pay-Per-Click advertising improves the cognizance of your brand among your target customers and helps you to establish your business more effectively, and that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

#4. It’s the fastest way to achieve your targets

If you’re running an online business, then you must know the importance of targeting the right customers in order to bring in more sales and business. And, when it comes to procuring the targeted traffic to your business website, the first word that should strike your mind is “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization). However, we all know that it’s not a one day job, i.e. it’s a long-term process that does require patience and persistence. So, the next best alternative to get instant targeted traffic is PPC (Pay-Per-Click). With Google AdWords, you can choose from the popular keywords to display your ads on the top of Google search engine results. To conclude, Pay-Per-click campaigns can give instant results as compared to other online marketing strategies, but can become increasingly expensive at times.

As you can see, there is a myriad of benefits to Pay-Per-Click advertising, which you can reap only once you acquire quality PPC services of a reliable company.

For more information about Google AdWords, AdSense, or any other aspect of PPC, get in touch with us. We are amongst the best PPC service providers in California, US, providing top-notch services at most optimum prices.

We’ll help you cut through the noise and stack the deck in your favor with our effective PPC techniques. 


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