3 Fatal Web Design Mistakes Every Business Owner Should Avoid

3 Fatal Web Design Mistakes Every Business Owner Should Avoid

Being a business owner can be extremely rewarding, especially if you have a website that resonates with your customers and delivers the right message to your prospects in a clear & engaging way. This is where most business owners go terribly wrong. The reason being that they get so overly focused on making their website look ‘pretty’ that they forget why they created it in the first place.

As a business owner, you should always keep in mind that your website is a pivotal part of your business. A poorly designed website can have a long-term negative impact on your business, driving potential customers away before they can actually get familiar with your business offerings. If you’re running a business in CA, US and looking forward to take your website design to a new level, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional website design company that provides quality web design services in California. They can help ensure that your website speaks all about your business in the most sophisticated way, while generating sufficient leads and providing an optimal user experience for your customers.

As far as the design is concerned, it is often confused with aesthetics. Of course, aesthetics makes the design pleasing to the eye, but it somehow makes the website work slower and less comfortable to use. In short, fiddling with aesthetics not only can distract you from your business goals, but also can cost you thousands of dollars upfront. As Steve Jobs rightly said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Similarly, a good web design isn’t about the fancy stuff, it’s about making something that works. It’s about how clean or sophisticated your website looks. 

You can simply grow your bottom line by avoiding these three lethal web design mistakes:

Going too fancy

Many people believe that web design alone can make a website look stand out from the crowd. Because of this delusion, they end up adding too many fancy frills to their business website, including unclear graphics & animations, complex background images, futile widgets & plugins, and gloomy color palettes, which neither resonate with their business culture nor with their target audience.

Going overboard with the web design can be distracting and confusing to your website visitors. You could end up with a flashy and non-functional website that is far away from your business goals. Plus, such websites have close to no chance of working well on mobile devices or tablets.

So, it is always recommended to opt for a clean & elegant web design over flashy & ornately carved pieces.

Overlooking the target market and industry trends

There’s no such thing called ‘one-size fits all’ when it comes to creating a website. Before taking a stab at building a suitable website for your business, it’s always necessary to conduct some research about your target market and latest industry trends. This enables you to create a website that appeals to a particular customer demographic.

For instance, if you are targeting an older demographic, then focus on larger font sizes so that your target customers can easily read the content on your website. Also, try to simplify the user experience to help with faster navigation. And if your services or products are geared towards a younger age group, then you need to think about making your site smartphone compatible, as a large majority of juveniles these days make use of mobile devices to access different websites.

Thus, it is always a good idea to study your target market first before crafting a web design that caters to your target demographic.

Adding irrelevant images and content

Both images and content play a significant part in the success of a business website. However, using poor quality, irrelevant, and plagiarized content or images on your website can have a negative impact on the minds of your visitors.

Currently, significant numbers of business owners fail to update their website regularly with fresh and quality content. As a result, they fall behind their competitors by a considerable margin. Similarly, images are also an important element of web design. They are generally used to illustrate brand message in such a way that visitors can understand the context without having to read the complete text. But some business owners use clichéd images on their website, which considerably reduces trust among their consumers.

Always remember that consumers respond to authenticity. They visit your website for a specific reason, and if you are unable to recognize that reason, then they’ll leave your site without a second thought. Of course, you don’t want that!

Therefore, it’s necessary to create original and high-quality visual elements, content, videos, and images.

Wrapping up

Taking the time to review your business website for these three mistakes is just the first step towards your website success. With all these things to juggle as a business owner, the best way out is to acquire quality website design services from a reliable website designing company.

Want to stand out online with an enthralling website design? Just give us a call at 909-740-7203 or you can also drop us an email at info@arrowbits.com.

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